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Review of Liberty Pump Model 441

Review of Liberty Pump Model 441

liberty-sump-pump-441The best way to get rid of any excess groundwater or rainwater from your home, office or any other property or area is to use a sump pump. This type of pump sits inside of a basin, which is also referred to as a sump and it’s designed to collect excess water that collects in your basement.

Of course, if you’re ever unfortunate enough to have a flooded basement you’ll need to pump the water out as soon as possible to limit the amount of damage done to your property and/or its contents. Since the pump’s sump basin can overflow if it’s not being pumped out constantly it’s essential to have a backup system in place if the main power should happen to go out or the primary pump fails.

If the pump does fail then a battery-powered backup pump will take over automatically, allowing you to remove the water from a flooded basement as quickly as you can.

If you’re searching for a an emergency sump pump system with a battery backup then you may want to check out the Liberty 441 model.

The Liberty Model 441 backup sump pump is designed to be used in combination with a primary 120-volt sump pump, operates via a 12-volt DC battery, and can adapt to a 1 and 1/2 or a 1 and 1/4 discharge. If the power goes out due to water damage, a severe storm or any other reason, you’ll be able to use this pump because it’s powered by a recommended Type M27 marine-grade deep-cycle battery. The 12-volt high-output pump comes with an advanced five-stage charging system plumbing connections, a battery box and strap, and a terminal block that’s simple to connect, but the battery needs to be obtained separately.


The Liberty 411 backup submersible sump pump also comes with a 12-volt charger, control panel, an automatic mercury-free switch, tee, check valve and bushings for 1 and ¼ and 1 and ½ connections, and audible light and alarm, and an automatic startup system.

The advanced five-stage charging system will test the battery while maintaining the maximum charge without running it down. The state-of-the art charging algorithm is designed to continuously test the unit’s charging process from the start to finish.

The specifications for the charger are INPUT: 120Vac, 0.19Aac, 60Hz and OUTPUT: 12Vdc, 900mA

Five Charging Stages:

1-This is known as the pre-qualification test and it utilizes a flashing yellow LED light. This stage actually consists of three different tests to the battery. If a fault is discovered in the system then any further charging will be prohibited. The length of this stage depends on the condition of the battery and it typically takes anywhere from 40 seconds up to two hours.

2-The second stage is known as the constant-current charge and it sees the yellow LED light stay on continuously when the battery is being charged at the full output.

3-The yellow LED light stays on in this stage, which is the constant-voltage charge. However, once the light goes out it means the battery has been fully charged.

4-The fourth stage is known as the float charge and a green LED light will come on. The charger will maintain the battery charge while you connect A.C. power. The power can be left connected for an indefinite period of time and only the service life of the battery can limit it.

5- The fifth and last stage is known as the recycle charge. During this stage a new charging cycle will begin every 84 days as long as the battery is connected to the charger.


The system features a 150-hour safety timer. A fault will be displayed if the system times out and the charging process will be halted to protect the equipment. There’s also a short circuit and reverse-battery protection system and if there’s an emergency you’ll see an alarm light and be notified audibly as well. The unit’s slip-on connectors and terminal block make for easy wiring and the float switch is fully assembled. If the pump is operated continuously the battery will hold a charge for up to four hours and if the pump head’s used intermittently the battery can last up to 30 hours.

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