Nusite Waterproofing Contractors has been serving Etobicoke for over 30 years.  We are experts in residential basement waterproofing as well as foundation repair.  Nusite Waterproofing Contractors has maintained am A+ Rating with the BBB for over 30 years and we are proud of the level of our customer service.

It may be difficult to judge whether you need to address a basement leak in your Etobicoke home and when it is appropriate to hire a professional contractor to waterproof your basement. Read below to find out more to decide if you need to contact a waterproofing contractor.

Intended Basement Use: An important consideration is what you are planning to use your basement for, to use as a living space or simply for storage purposes.  If you plan to use your basement as living space for your home, such as a family room or even a bedroom, basement waterproofing is something that you should definitely consider.

Basements are built either fully or partially underground; therefore, they regularly allow groundwater into the basement unless the foundation is properly maintained and was waterproofed properly during construction.

When water or dampness penetrates your Etobicoke basement, mildew and mold follow quickly after. Since the basement is not designed in a way that allows it to be permanently damp, you may also find that the structure of your basement is beginning to deteriorate.

Extent of the Leak: Another important consideration is how bad the leak is in your basement. A wet or damp basement is caused by increased water pressure (usually caused by heavy rain or melting snow) that is pushed through existing cracks in your home’s foundation or around window wells and other openings. This can cause major structural damage to the foundation of your home and will contribute to moisture-related problems, such as mold and foundation decay. Moisture can penetrate through basement walls and floors for various reasons such as inadequate waterproofing of exterior walls during construction, cracks caused by expansion, contraction due to outside temperature changes, and openings created to allow access for water pipes and cables. If the leak is small, it can usually be fixed from the inside; if the leak is extensive, an exterior waterproofing method is preferred.


What to Do About It: Call us today at 416-622-7000 for a free written estimate and inspection. We offer a variety of different basement waterproofing and wet basement solutions depending on your specific issue. The Nusite Waterproofing team is trained in using a multitude of moisture and leak detection tools to determine the source of your issue. We have a waterproofing professional assigned to Etobicoke to provide fast, written quotes and to point out the issues you are having in your basement. In other words, we don’t just tell you that you have a leak – our tools provide an accurate assessment, which ensures that you are not overlooking any problems in your Etobicoke home.

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Summary: To summarize, the correct waterproofing solution depends on the extent of the leak and what you intend to use your basement for. Nusite waterproofing relies on our customer service to build trust without customers and we take customer service seriously.  Nusite Waterproofing is a good choice for homeowners, especially if you have a significant leak and intend to use your basement as another useful room in your home, or there is the possibility of further damage and mold due to the chronic leak. It is never a good idea to ignore the symptoms of a wet basement because they only get worse over time; we encourage you take advantage of our free inspection and estimate.