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Hamilton-area homeowners have been calling and depending on Nusite Waterproofing Contractors for more than 30 years now. Nusite is one of Ontario’s most respected contracting companies when it comes to foundation repair and basement waterproofing in residential neighbourhoods. The Better Business Bureau also recognizes their excellent track record in customer service with a consistent rating of A+ ever since they’ve been in business.

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Nusite’s team of professional contractors is well prepared whenever you need help regarding a leaky basement. We’ll gladly make a house call at your convenience to inspect your home and offer our professional opinion on how to rectify any problems and/or current damage. We specialize in waterproofing basements in the Hamilton region and all of our work is fully backed and insured.

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Basement Waterproofing & Foundation Repairs in Hamilton


Intended use of the basement
If you’re planning on using the basement as a living space rather than just a storage area you may want to consider the added protection and peace of mind that waterproofing can provide. Many homeowners like to turn their lower quarters into a games room, family room, entertainment centre, wet bar, or even an additional bedroom. The last thing you want when doing this is to find out that water is seeping into your basement. A basement is constructed partially or fully under the ground and this is one of the main reasons groundwater can find its way into them on a regular basis.

If the home’s foundation isn’t maintained properly and wasn’t waterproofed when it was built, you may want to waterproof it sooner rather than later. When Hamilton homeowners find their basements are damp or have been invaded by water, they usually end up with unhealthy mold and mildew in the near future. In addition, the basement’s structure could eventually start to deteriorate since the room isn’t designed to be permanently wet or damp.


Looking for a Leak
If you find your basement is wet, damp or moldy, there’s a good chance water is leaking into it somehow and somewhere. At this point, it’s recommended that your look for a leak and determine exactly how bad it is. It will likely need to be repaired before it can cause any further damage. Melting snow and heavy rainfalls can cause the ground water pressure to increase and it can find its way into the basement via existing cracks in the foundation as well as other openings and even around your window wells. Your home could suffer major damage to its structure through the foundation if the problem continues.

If the basement isn’t properly waterproofed, it can be penetrated by moisture through the floors and walls. Cracks can often result from the expansion and contraction the walls and floors go through because of changes in the outside temperature. In addition, there could be other small openings wherever access to cables and water pipes have been created. Minor basement leaks can typically be repaired from inside the home, but larger leaks generally need to be taken care of by proper exterior waterproofing methods.


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If you feel you may have a problem with a leaky basement please don’t hesitate to contact us at your convenience at Nusite Waterproofing at 416-622-7000. We’ll gladly pay you a visit and after thoroughly inspecting the property at no charge, we’ll be able to provide you with a free written estimate if any repairs are needed. At Nusite we offer several types of solutions for wet basements and the one we use will depend on your specific circumstances. The professional waterproofing team at Nusite is specially trained in the use of leak and moisture detection tools to help determine the problem. We are able to provide Hamilton and area homeowners with quick, written quotes whenever they’re requested. Be sure not to ignore a wet basement as matters usually get worse with time.