Waterproofing in Pickering Ontario

Nusite Waterproofing has been serving the Pickering area for over 30 years.

If you’ve come across dampness or a water leak in your basement and don’t know what to do about it, don’t hesitate to contract us at Nusite Waterproofing. We’ll be able to fully inspect your home and give our professional in-home estimate free of charge. We’ll let you know exactly what needs to be done to solve the problem and will get to it as quickly as possible if you decide to have it repaired. Long term water leaks in your basement can lead to foundation damage and mold, creating expensive repairs later on down the line. Water leaks and foundation damage is also one of the leading causes why people walk away from a potential home purchase, nobody wants to buy a home with that kind of repair resonsibility.

There are several basement waterproofing solutions for Pickering available, both interior and exterior waterproofing.

Groundwater Problems

Since most home basements in Pickering are constructed under the ground they may allow groundwater to leak into them unless they’re properly maintained and designed. Once dampness or water invades your basement you’ll find they’re often joined by mold and mildew shortly afterBasement Pickering Waterproofing. If this occurs your basement’s structure could weaken since it’s not designed to permanently house dampness, leading to foundation erosion and potentially mold.

We will be able to find the cause and extent of your basement leak and make sure your home isn’t in danger of any structural damage caused by dampness, decay, and mold. There are several ways water can enter your home such as the insufficient waterproofing of the exterior walls while the home was constructed. In addition, cracks may in floors and walls may appear due to expansion and contraction when the outside temperature fluctuates. If we find a small leak it can usually be repaired from inside the home while larger leaks are generally repaired from the outside.

Schedule a Free In-Home Inspection and Estimate

Don’t hesitate to give Nusite Waterproofing a call at 416-622-7000 if you’re experiencing dampness problems in your Pickering home. We provide several effective wet-basement and waterproofing solutions as we use the latest high-tech leak and moisture-detection tools. If you need immediate help you can also rely on Nusite Waterproofing as we offer 24-hour service for Pickering. The exact type of waterproofing solution used will depend on your specific problem, the extent of the leak and what your basement is being used for.

Nusite is a family-owned company which has been in the waterproofing and foundation-repair business for well over 30 years and is fully certified and insured. We offer no-obligation estimates free of charge and will provide a written guarantee on all of the work we perform. We provide Pickering homeowners with flexible financing options on both our interior and exterior solutions. Don’t forget your estimate and inspection is always free and we can be contacted at your convenience at 416-622-7000. We are also experienced in basement lowering and can help you transform your basement into a functional, finished, and furnished living area.

Basement waterproofing is our specialty. But whether you reside in Pickering or anywhere else in the Greater Toronto Area it’s recommended that you never ignore a wet or damp basement. The longer you leave it the worse the problem may get and this can result in more damage and costlier repairs. Nusite Waterproofing can provide a free in-home inspection and estimate and walk you through the foundation problems you have as well as available repair solutions.