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Leaky Basement in Your Newmarket Home?

Leaky basements are not something you should ignore. If the problem is minor the possibility exists that you can fix it yourself. However, there are times when a problem is better left to basement waterproofing professionals as you will need specific equipment and expertise. Nusite Waterproofing has been serving Newmarket and York Region for over 30 years and can provide a free, in-home estimate and inspection and show you the source of your leak.

If your Newmarket home has water in the basement, consider the following to evaluate your need for outside help:

Is The Basement of Your Home Finished?
If you have noticed dampness on a finished wall or a small puddle on the floor, this is reason for concern. More water may be trapped behind the walls or leaching up from below and you need to find the source – now.

Once water has reached your building materials they are either damp or soaked and mold and mildew will start to form. Mold is a serious health risk as the spores can contaminate the air you breathe and should always be eliminated. There may a crack in your foundation wall or groundwater seeping in because of rain, snow or problems with the grading of your property. When your home was built in Newmarket, the soil around your home was disturbed making it softer and more porous. Changes to your landscaping over the years may now direct water towards this sponge-like soil which can erode your foundation with time too. If this is the case, both landscaping and exterior waterproofing are likely required.

How Much Water Have You Seen?
If your basement is unfinished and you have only seen a bit of water after a heavy rain or a quick melt of snow, then a commercial product could be your answer. Moisture barriers that are like thick paints can be purchased and used to seal small flaws in the foundation. However, these products will only work if the amount of water is minimal.

Water has an incredible amount of force behind it and it always wants to take the path of least resistance. If that happens to be your basement, so be it. If you discover large puddles of water after a heavy rain or during warm weather when snow has melted, these products aren’t going to work. The first time there is a real downpour the sealant will force itself away from the wall. These types of leaks need to be fixed from the outside and often need a membrane installed around the perimeter of the foundation and sometimes some sort of a pump system to direct the water away. Failure to correct this type of problem can result in structural decay and expensive repair bills.

What If I Can’t Tell How Serious The Problem Is?
If you can’t tell what is causing the problem, don’t be afraid to call the professionals to look at your home. Nusite works in the Newmarket area and we will be happy to give you a no obligation free inspection and an estimate. We have years of experience and we have the tools to pinpoint the source of your water problem. We offer a variety of different basement waterproofing and wet basement solutions.

Please remember that ignoring moisture in your Newmarket home could cost you a lot more money in the future. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by finding out what can be done today. Long-term leakage promotes the growth of mold and mildew and can weaken your basement’s structural integrity. If patching a leak on the inside of your basement does not solve the problem, contact us and take advantage of our free inspection and estimate.

Nusite Waterproofing contractors can show you the source of the leak and options on how to repair it.

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Customer Testimonials

Interested in working with us? Check out some of our customer testimonials below and find more on Homestars. We are one of the highest rated basement waterproofing companies in Toronto

Mark Lipton - Homestars Review

Basement Waterproofing

Our basement leaked! Of course . . . we bought a 100 year old house! But my office needed to be in the basement permanently. I interviewed 10 different companies until we decided on the Steinbergs and their crew at Nu-Site! They are professional, reliable, courteous, honest, and they really make an effort to communicate with the client about every step of the process.

Sara Jack - Homestars Review

Foundation and Waterproofing Repairs

After several years of chronic leaks, we decided to have our basement waterproofed once and for all. The team over at Nusite was professional, answered my questions during the project and stayed within their quoted price....which is always a concern for me when working with contractors. Great job overall

Joshua Persaud - Yellowpages Review

Basement Waterproofing

Had several cracks in my basement wall and they would leak whenever we had a heavy rain. It started about a year and a half ago and seems to have gotten worse over the past 6 months. I tried having my neighbor seal it, but it started leaking again within a few weeks. Called several waterproofing companies and got several quotes. Finally went with Nusite contractors for the job. They gave a reasonable quote and I liked the guy that came by for the estimate. They stayed within budget and cleaned up before they left. It's been almost 3 months now and it seems to be working great.