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Basement Waterproofing Scarborough

Do you have a basement water leak or mild dampness in your Scarborough home?  Are you wondering when it is appropriate to hire a professional contractor to waterproof your basement?

Nusite Waterproofing Contractors has been serving Scarborough for over 30 years.  We specialize in basement waterproofing, foundation repairs and sump pump installations and repair.  We have an A+ BBB rating for the life of our company and take pride in our customer service.  We offer a free in-home estimate and provide free written estimates that guarantees the cost of the work.

There are a couple things you have to consider before making a decision regarding waterproofing:


Intended Basement Use: What are you planning to use your basement for? If the space is very small and not fit for living, then waterproofing may not be a big concern, though you still have to be aware of mold issues. However, if you plan to use your basement as an extension of your home, basement waterproofing is something that you should most consider as a damp, wet basement makes for an unhealthy living situation.

Most basements are built beneath the ground level; therefore, they regularly allow groundwater in unless correctly designed and maintained. Many homes in Scarborough are older and basement leaks due to aging foundations and area flooding is a common problem for the area.  When water or dampness gets into your basement, mildew and mold are quick to follow. Since basements are not designed to be permanently damp, the foundation of your basement can start to weaken over time and eventually lead to extensive and expensive repairs that can no longer be avoided.


Extent of the Leak: What is the extent of the leak in your basement? A wet basement can be caused by extra water pressure (caused by heavy rain or melting snow) being pushed through any existing cracks in your home’s foundation. This can cause major structural damage to the foundation of your Scarborough home and will contribute to moisture related problems, like mold and decay. Insufficient waterproofing of exterior walls during construction, cracks caused by expansion and contraction due to outside temperature changes, and openings created to allow access for water pipes and cables can allow moisture to penetrate through basement walls and floors. Basement leaks can be repaired from the interior and/or the interior of the foundation.  Usually smaller leaks are repaired from the inside or if the exterior method is not feasible.  Exterior waterproofing ensures your foundation is 100% waterproofed and provides the longest lasting solution.


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What to Do About It: Call us today at 416-622-7000 for a free estimate and inspection. We offer various basement waterproofing and wet basement solutions in Scarborough depending on your particular issue. Our team is trained in using various moisture and leak detection tools to determine the source of your issue and we have a waterproofing specialist dedicated to the Scarborough area for free in-home estimates. We don’t just tell you that you have a leak – our tools provide an accurate assessment, which ensures that you are not overlooking any problems in your home.


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Summary: In summary, the correct basement waterproofing solution depends on the extent of your leak and what you plan to use your basement for. Nusite waterproofing is a great option for the responsible Scarborough homeowner, especially if you have a significant leak and intend to use your basement as an extension of your living space. Don’t ignore the symptoms of a wet basement because they only get worse over time; take advantage of our free inspection and estimate.