commercial foundation waterproofing and crack repair (2)

Like many Toronto-area homes, commercial properties can also suffer from cracks and water leaks in their foundations. This includes a wide range of structures such as schools, airports, shopping centres, churches, hospitals, factories, warehouses and restaurants etc. When these types of commercial properties suffer from foundation cracks and other issues the most common types of […]

finished basement in Toronto that has been waterproofed

Homes in Toronto will have water problems in their basement at one time or another.  Due to the age of the homes in Toronto and the extreme weather conditions, water leaking into the basement is a fact of life for many Toronto home owners. When water does leak into the basement, the questions that come […]


Considering a basement lowering project for your home?  Lowering your basement is not your everyday home improvement project, though with the real estate prices in Toronto and the scarcity of land, it is a great option for expanding your living space without losing precious yard space.  If you want to find out more about basement […]

Basement Lowering Project in Toronto Home

When you’re looking for ways to create additional living space in your Toronto-area home you may want to consider the option of lowering the basement. This basically means lowering the floor to give you a larger area with more head room. This is an ideal option if your current basement is hard to fit into […]

Sump Pums Toronto

If you have a basement that get leaks and gets wet when it rains, chances are you have a sump pump to help keep the water out as well as mold and mildew from starting to grow. Your sump pump isn’t something that you think about on a daily basis; it’s something you know is […]