Interior Weeping Tile Systsems Toronto

When it comes to waterproofing your basement there are two ways to go which are interior and exterior methods. Interior waterproofing works, particularly the weeping tile method but exterior waterproofing is still the best option available as water won’t be able to permeate the structure’s foundation walls and is the only solution that protects your […]

Old stone foundation in Toronto home

Do you have an old foundation that is leaking water?  Due to the age of many Toronto homes, leaking basements are a common problem, especially in homes with older foundations. Foundations really only become a waterproofing problem if there’s a basement concealed within them. If water leaks through the foundation and into the basement, the […]

Creating a window well as a means of egress

Is your window well causing your basement to leak? Window wells are a common cause of a leaking basement.  Over the years, we’ve responded to thousands of leaky basement calls in Toronto and many of them had the window well to blame.  From poor drainage, to lack of maintenance, a window well needs to to […]

  Underpinning, also known as basement lowering, often includes lowering the basement floor, adding floor drains, a laundry room, insulation, stud wall partitions, waterproofing, reinforcing the foundation, and sometimes a basement walkout and the cost and time it takes will depend on exactly what work is being carried out. Methods of Underpinning There are several […]

  One thing that every homeowner dreads is a flooded basement. During the spring in Toronto, along with rainy periods in the summer, we receive hundreds of calls a month for basement water leaks after it rains.  The homes in Toronto are old, many have aging foundations that have cracks in them along with drainage […]