8 Wet Basement Solutions To Keep Your Basement Dry

Wet Basement Solutions Toronto

Here in Toronto, basements can get wet quickly due to the age of the homes as well as the crazy weather we experience. A damp or wet basement can certainly lower the value of your home as well as pose health and danger risks to those living in it. If left unattended, moisture can easily […]

Why is My Basement Leaking When it Rains?

basement leak in Etobicoke home

This one’s pretty simple to answer. If your basement starts leaking after it begins to rain, then rainwater is finding its way down through the ground around your foundation.  Your basement is like a swimming pool, except that the foundation walls are trying to keep water out, not in.  As water surrounds the foundation of your […]

6 Ways To Stop a Basement Window From Leaking Water

Basement Window Well Repairs in Toronto

Do you see a puddle in your basement every time it rains that seems to be coming in near the top of the wall, dripping or pouring down the wall? If you do, your basement windows may be the culprit. While a leaky window may seem like a minor issue, these types of issues not […]

How Do I Properly Insulate My Basement?


  As a basement waterproofing and mold removal company here in Toronto, we’re often called to basement leaks where we find mold infestation behind the sheet rock walls, embedded in the insulation behind it. So how do you properly insulate a basement? That’s a question that begs another question. The second one is “what are […]

How Serious is Radon in a Home?

CDC Stata Radon Deaths

Many Toronto area homeowners have heard of radon, but aren’t exactly sure what it is and how serious of a health problem it may pose. Radon is a natural radioactive gas which can be found in the ground when radium and uranium  decays. On average, there may be up to 50 pounds of uranium in […]