Home renovations that increase the resale value of your home-infographic

When your about to take on a costly home renovation project, the most important consideration you should make should be the enjoyment and value you’ll receive as a homeowner from this renovation.  If you think you’ll eventually be selling your home in the future, you may want to also consider the increased value this renovation […]

black mold in Toronto bathroom

That’s actually a leading question, because “dangerous” is a term more often used to describe a life-threatening situation, or something that can cause serious bodily harm. Black Mold is actually neither of these (despite claims in the sensational media to the contrary). However it is not good for us either – especially for people with […]

Toronto home with vertical crack in foundation

Vertical Foundation Wall Cracks A foundation is the structure on which a home or other building rests. It may be a simple trench filled with concrete on which the brick walls stand. It could also be a concrete-reinforced sheet under the entire building. Where the ground slopes, there may be foundation walls as well, to […]

High water table in Toronto from underground rivers and streams

Did you know that the city of Toronto sits on top of a labyrinth like maze of ancient rivers and sewer systems that have long been forgotten about?  While there are many reasons your Toronto basement might be leaking water, in some areas, rising water tables could be the problem.  While the water table below your home […]

Exterior waterproofing Toronto

If you walk in mist or fog and your clothing becomes wet, you feel a sensation of dampness on your skin – unless of course you are wearing a water-resistant garment. In pelting rain the water will force itself past the fibers, and start pouring down your arms and legs.  That’s why sailors aboard ships wear […]