water leaking through basement walll

While you shouldn’t rule out a home with a wet basement, you do need to do some further investigation before going ahead with a purchase agreement.  Here at Nusite, we’ve been a part of hundreds of home inspections in Toronto over the years.  Many times we get called in when a home inspector or buyers […]

Finished basement with musty odour

Humidity is an expression of the amount of water in the air. Humidity tends to increase during hot summer months, and is can be found indoors in any climate, especially like here on Toronto where we tend to have cold Winters and sometimes Scorching Summers with lots of rain and climate swings in between. We […]

Mould mites in Toronto home

What Are Mould Mites? Mould is a fungus that’s found growing naturally outside, where there’s damp and rotting plant material. It propagates itself by releasing tiny seeds called spores that are light enough to travel through the air, enter a home through an open door or window, and colonize any space that’s either damp or humid. Everything […]

Home renovations that increase the resale value of your home-infographic

When your about to take on a costly home renovation project, the most important consideration you should make should be the enjoyment and value you’ll receive as a homeowner from this renovation.  If you think you’ll eventually be selling your home in the future, you may want to also consider the increased value this renovation […]

black mold in Toronto bathroom

That’s actually a leading question, because “dangerous” is a term more often used to describe a life-threatening situation, or something that can cause serious bodily harm. Black Mold is actually neither of these (despite claims in the sensational media to the contrary). However it is not good for us either – especially for people with […]