a stairstep crack in a cinderblock basement wall

Foundation problems are pretty common in Toronto, especially in older homes closer to Lake Ontario.  Toronto is a city with a high water level table, meaning many areas experience chronic problems in their basements due to ground water swelling up underneath the foundation. The earth’s not static beneath your home’s foundations. In fact, it’s a […]

mould growing around ducts in attic

Here at Nusite Group Contractors, we get dozens of calls every month in Toronto and the surrounding GTA for mould removal in the attic.  The homeowner usually notices a leak or musty smell in the attic and discovers, to their horror, an entire eco-system of mould that has been growing and spreading throughout their attic. […]

Basement waterproofing membrane being applied to Toronto home

Over the past 30 years, Nusite Group Contractors has performed several hundred interior and exterior basement waterproofing jobs all over Toronto and the surrounding GTA.  Homeowners that have wet or leaky basements are often confused as to how the waterproofing process works.  While in some cases, an interior waterproofing job is sufficient, often times it will not […]

Areas for mould growth in Toronto home

Mould can become both a problem and a menace in your home. When mould forms, it can affect your health and make you sick. Since mould spores are largely invisible to the naked eye, you might not realize you have a problem until its presence begins to affect how you feel. Some people such as […]

sources of basement leaks in home

If you think your basement is perfectly waterproofed forever, then think again. If you’re home is in a location with a high water table, like here in Toronto, leaky basements can be a chronic problem….especially for older homes.Take a look at the illustration below. While everything may have been perfect the day the builder handed […]