Areas for mould growth in Toronto home

Mould can become both a problem and a menace in your home. When mould forms, it can affect your health and make you sick. Since mould spores are largely invisible to the naked eye, you might not realize you have a problem until its presence begins to affect how you feel. Some people such as […]

sources of basement leaks in home

If you think your basement is perfectly waterproofed forever, then think again. If you’re home is in a location with a high water table, like here in Toronto, leaky basements can be a chronic problem….especially for older homes.Take a look at the illustration below. While everything may have been perfect the day the builder handed […]

foundation crack in a basement wall

Many of the homes in Toronto are old, some approaching 100 years old or older.  As the years pass, the foundations of these older homes could become damaged. Even homes that are not quite as old could have severe structural damage due to water pressure, ground shifting, or even faulty construction.These structural damages can affect the structural […]

french drain system around outside of house

French Drains in Your Home French Drains have nothing at all to do with France. Their name comes from Henry Flagg French from Concord, Massachusetts, who invented them in 1859. In simplest terms, they are trenches filled with gravel that act as conduits for water runoff. They remain popular ways to remove unwanted water from […]

wet basements Richmond Hill-Toronto

Does your Toronto home have a wet basement? A chronic wet basement is a sign that you have a serious problem that needs to be addressed as soon as possible. A basement that is chronically wet can mean you have potential foundation problems. Damp or wet basements can lead to structural issues, water damage, and […]