Some things seem sent to test our patience, and a flooded basement’s certainly one of them. For starters, by definition you can seldom drain a basement easily, and access is often only up and down the stairs. Stay calm. First things first, keep your cool, call in specialist assistance. After that, you need to take […]

finishing basement in toronto

These days more and more Canadians are avoiding the cost of unnecessary moves, and upgrading their homes instead. Adding an extra bedroom is a popular project because bedrooms are key factors in property valuations. However it’s important to comply with a number of factors in order to fully reap the benefits of the expense. The […]

mould can grow rapidly in damp areas of your home

Mould removal in Toronto homes is something that you should be aware of. People who live in older homes, or who have experienced water damage of any kind can be very susceptible to mould. Mould is a potentially dangerous health problem. The main problem with mould is that it can be easily disturbed and can […]