Should I use a mold testing kit?

The key to mold control is moisture control.

Having a leaky basement is bad enough.  A wet, damp basement is not a fun thing to have and leaves you with only entering the basement when you have to.  Not fun.  A more serious bi-product of a chronic water leak in your basement is the growth of mold.  Here in Toronto, between the weather and the age of many homes, we get called to many homes for serious mold problems.  The problem always has a water leak or chronic dampness as the origin.

For a healthy individual, mold isn’t very dangerous, it’s just gross.  The real health problems with mold occur when an individual already has a compromised respiratory system (elderly, infants,sick people,etc) or there is long term exposure to mold spores.

Mold grows very fast once it takes hold, especially when there is moisture present to serve as a breeding ground.  We’ve all left seemingly perfect fruit on the counter overnight to discover a “fuzz farm” growing on our strawberries the next morning.  Yes, it spreads pretty fast once it gets going.

Check out the infographic below that describes some of the hidden dangers of mold growth and airborn mold spores in the home.  If you have questions about mold removal in your home or would like a free in-home estimate, you can contact us here.

Mold dangers in the home-Toronto Mold Removal

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