Basement Drain Drawing from Basement Drain Experts

Basement Drain Services

Nusite Group has been installing and repairing drains for over 30 years. Our basement and foundation professionals take pride in offering excellent service at a budget friendly price.  We offer free in-home estimates and inspections, contact us today to schedule yours.

Basement Drain Services

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  • Drain Replacement
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Oftentimes a wet basement or laundry room is the result of a malfunctioning drain. Fortunately, for homeowners in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), our professional team at Nusite Waterproofing can resolve the problem very quickly by unclogging and/or cleaning the floor drains. If they aren’t tended to, poorly working drains can often lead to water damage. The traps located beneath floor drains need to be filled with water to help prevent sewer odours and gases from leaking into the room.

Basement Drain Drawing from Basement Drain Experts

The most common cause of a faulty drain or trap is due to it being plugged with debris or dirt. If you happen to notice that one or more of your drains isn’t working properly you can always ask for experienced assistance from Nusite Waterproofing. We will be able to locate the source of the backup and also offer advice on how to help stop it from occurring again. Some people also use sump pumps to keep their basements dry and clean. The pumps are designed to divert ground water into nearby storm drains or wells.

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If you use a sump pump to keep your basement from flooding you need to make sure it’s always in working order. At Nusite we also offer sump pump service and advice to keep it in working order. Sump pumps and floor drains should be maintained properly to keep them working. It’s recommended that the trap of the floor drain is kept full of water. This is quite easy to do as you just need to pour a container of water into the drain once a month or so.

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When it comes to sump pumps, it’s a good idea to test them every few weeks to make sure they’re working properly and you have some type of backup power system in place. The pump can be tested by pouring water into the pit of the pump and see if it turns on and starts removing the water. Be aware that if you try to block a clogged drain with a chemical product it could end up damaging the pipes. In addition, using a plunger on a slow-working drain may cause a worse problem. Remember that many types of objects and substances can clog a drain.

At Nusite, our expert plumbing technicians are able to clean any type of drain quickly and safely by using the latest state-of-the-art technology and tools. We use devices such as high-velocity water jetting, cutting tools, augers, motorized rooters and special snake tools etc. We make emergency calls in the GTA and are committed to providing our customers with excellence service, satisfaction and value. In addition, all work is guaranteed. We also specialize in all types of basement waterproofing services, basement lowering and foundation repairs etc.

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A dry basement will keep away mold, damage, insects and pests and will result in a safe and healthy environment for your family. Feel free to contact us at your convenience for a no-obligation estimate. Nusite has been in the construction and waterproofing business since 1979 and is fully insured and IIRC Certified.  You can contact us here to schedule a free in-home inspection and estimate.