Save the structure of your home.

Water damage can cause a number of problems; the main one being to the structure of your home. Whether the water damage is small or large the porous materials of your house will soak it up and retain the water causing mold and decay. Applied structural drying is the only way to prevent further water damage to the structure of your house; but again, you must act fast.

Applied structural drying is the quickest and most thorough way to dry a structure through non-destructive measures. After the excess water is removed, dry-out and dehumidification techniques are used on all porous contents of your home; these being the drywall, floorboards, and actual wooden structure.

If a flood occurs in your home, it is important to have a professional in right away. Water damage professionals at Nu Site will quickly dry the important structure of your home before it becomes a problem beyond repair. For more information and free estimate call Nu Site at (905) 731-1228 / (416) 622-7000 or fill out a quick online form.