Even the smallest fires can cause serious problems.

In addition to the direct traces of fire damage, there are a number of issues that can arise, such as water damage and carcinogenic air. Water damage caused by a fire can lead to mould, decay, and toxic air. Also, pollutants left by the fire leave carcinogenic residue that is very hazardous to the health of those living in the house.

Nu Site is trained in all aspects of home repair and is fully qualified to remove smoke and water damage properly. It is important to hire a professional to clean up these hazardous problems to ensure that they are safely taken care of and never return.

Our smoke damage repair process according to the Clean Trust standard.

  • Inspection and assessment of affected area.
  • Health and safety considerations.
  • Surface of fire affected area is cleaned. Removes traces of soot and reduce the amount of carcinogens in the air.
  • Containment to prevent contamination to unaffected areas.
  • Remediation and removal of mould.
  • Decontamination of HVAC system.
  • Proper disposal of contaminated materials.

Smoke damage from even some of the smallest fires can cause big problems. Mould and carcinogenic residue can be a serious hazard to your family’s health. So hire Nu Site’s certified professionals to fix the problem before it gets worse. Call us for more information at (905) 731-1228 / (416) 622-7000 or fill our quick online form.