Waterproofing Your Basement in Toronto

Steer excess water away from your basement with waterproofing.


A weeping tile is part of a system that prevents ground water from building up under you basement floor and carries excess water away from your foundation wall. Weeping tiles are connected to a sump pump/pit or a storm drain that will collect any excess water.

The process of waterproofing includes exposing the foundation wall, fixing any voids or crack, waterproofing the wall, and installing a drainage board. The system applied to the wall directs the water down to the footing of the home where we then repair or replace the weeping tile. We are able to do this repair from the exterior or interior of your home; however one of our professionals will decide what the right solution is for you.

Exterior waterproofing is the most common. In these cases, the ground is excavated and the weeping tiles are repaired from a hole on the outside of the foundation (this is done in conjunction with an exterior wall repair). However, in certain circumstances, such as a semi-detached home, landscaping, or a driveway, it is impossible to dig on the outside and the weeping tiles must be repaired from the interior. This process includes; breaking up the concrete basement floor, digging a trench to access the weeping tile, and installing a drainage board on the interior to divert water to the new or repaired weeping tile.

Waterproofing and weeping tile systems are an important part of keeping your basement dry. Having a professional repair or install a new one is the only way to achieve a perfectly waterproofed basement. For more information and to find out which waterproofing solution is best for you, call Nu Site at (905) 731-1228 or (416) 622-7000 or fill out an inquiry form.