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Interior weeping tile system

An interior weeping tile system is also known as an internal perimeter drain system. It’s used to waterproof a concrete block foundation and as an alternative to excavating a foundation. Since there isn’t any excavation involved in the interior weeping tile system it’s less expensive than exterior waterproofing. It’s a highly-efficient and proven way to manage the water coming into your basement.  An interior weeping tile system does not waterproof your basement, but diverts the water away from your basement, keeping it dry and usable as a living space.  It is often used when a more permanent exterior waterproofing solution is not feasible or is cost prohibitive.

An interior weeping tile system is designed to keep your basement dry by installing a drainage outlet for water which flows into the walls. It’s also an effective system to drain water which may leak through any cracks in the foundation as well as water which may pool under the floor slab. It’s quite similar to drainage systems used along the exterior bases of the foundation. The waterproofing method is effective since the system is installed under the basement floor and it drains water away from the foot of the home’s foundation.

The water can’t seep or leak from the concrete blocks under or onto the basement floor. Therefore, the life expectancy of the concrete block foundation is extended. If the weeping tile system has been installed properly your basement should stay water-free for the life of the home. When the system is installed we will need access to bare basement walls. If you have a finished basement this can be done by removing stud walls or the lower part of them.

The floor slab of the basement, which is located beside the foundation walls, is then opened. A drain pipe/tile can then be installed after a trench is excavated. Weeping holes can then be drilled into the bottom course of concrete blocks and a perforated drainage pipe will be placed next to the footing. In addition, an air-gap membrane is places along the wall and a submersible sump liner and pump can be installed under the floor. Any water which pools under the floor travels through the drain pipe to the sump liner and is pumped outside. The discharge pipe can be discretely concealed behind a finished wall.

Exterior Weeping Tile Systaem Toronto

Exterior weeping tile system

An exterior weeping tile system is placed  at the base of foundation walls around the footing of a home. The drainage system is designed to dispose of ground water which has accumulated alongside the footing. The system follows the building’s footing to form a continuous circuit. The drainage system is located at the structure’s lowest point where it can collect and drain pooled water from the foundation’s base. If you have a garage the weeping tile system will be installed inside of it since the garage walls are regarded as the home’s exterior walls and they’ll need to be waterproofed.

The system utilizes a plastic pipe which will carry the water from the exterior weeping tile system and dispose it into a storm sewer. In some cases the systems are routed to a basement sump pump. If you have a clogged system it may be able to be flushed out instead of replaced, depending on the specific circumstances. To help stop clogging, the pipes are covered with a root-proof sock system before they’re buried. This method will help keep the earth out of the pipe’s holes. Another way to keep the system from clogging is to use fine gravel to cover the pipes.

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Our basement leaked! Of course . . . we bought a 100 year old house! But my office needed to be in the basement permanently. I interviewed 10 different companies until we decided on the Steinbergs and their crew at Nu-Site! They are professional, reliable, courteous, honest, and they really make an effort to communicate with the client about every step of the process.

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Had several cracks in my basement wall and they would leak whenever we had a heavy rain. It started about a year and a half ago and seems to have gotten worse over the past 6 months. I tried having my neighbor seal it, but it started leaking again within a few weeks. Called several waterproofing companies and got several quotes. Finally went with Nusite contractors for the job. They gave a reasonable quote and I liked the guy that came by for the estimate. They stayed within budget and cleaned up before they left. It's been almost 3 months now and it seems to be working great.