Window Wells Toronto

Toronto Window Well Repair and Replacement

Window wells are the most commonly overlooked part of your home. Simple maintenance and upkeep is one of the easiest ways to prevent leakage into your basement. Clearing out mud, leaves, and other debris every season can significantly decrease the chance a water overflow may occur. In some cases it may be too late to salvage a leaking window well. When this happens it is necessary to call in a professional.

When your area is hit by a heavy rain storm the window wells of your home can be filled with water and it may ultimately find its way into the basement. Water often pools in a window if the well isn’t properly draining for some reason, such as a clog. The water can then leak into the basement between the top of the wall and the window frame pr perhaps directly through the window. If your window wells aren’t draining properly you could find yourself with an awfully wet basement in a short period of time. A good window well should hold back soil by creating a rigid barrier.


If water is leaking into your basement it’s usually doesn’t mean your windows need to be replaced as the problem typically lies in the window wells. If your basement windows are installed at ground level or below  they should come equipped with window wells. These should have drains to the weeping tile system along the footing of the home so water can’t accumulate in the wells. The water can then be removed via a storm sewer in the street or a basement sump pump.

Signs of Window Well Leaks

If you can see stains on the foundation wall underneath a window frame, it usually means water has leaked into the basement from beneath the window or through the window. It’s also possible there’s a crack in the foundation by the window. It’s recommended that you contact a professional waterproofing company to find out exactly where the water is leaking from. Many homeowners will end up unnecessarily replacing their windows if they’re not sure where the leak is originating.

Where Window Well Leaks Originate

Windows themselves don’t often leak unless the caulking around the frame has deteriorated or is missing. It’s important that the bare foundation walls are properly and thoroughly inspected to confirm the cause of your wet basement. If the water is coming from the window wells the problem can usually be easily rectified by installing a new window well drain. They may be installed by connecting them to the weeping tile after excavating to the footing or by having a new drain dug out. Both of these systems use a drain pipe which carries water to the weeping tile system.

If your existing window well is clogged it will usually work properly after the sediment is removed to a depth of an inch. When you decide to have a new drain installed it means a hole is dug to layer of gravel which surrounds the weeping tile. A drain pipe is then installed to carry the water away to the weeping tile after it has penetrated the gravel. It’s important that this layer of gravel is kept free of debris and a window well cover can do this. Window well covers are typically made of polycarbonate and should be custom fitted.

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