Basement Waterproofing in Durham Region


Waterproofing in Durham Ontario

Are you a Durham resident with a leaking basement?  Due to extreme weather, aging foundations and drainage issues, homes in the Durham region often suffer from basement leaks, especially during heavy rains.  Nusite Waterproofing has been serving the Oshawa and Durham Region for over 30 years and provide a free, in-home inspection and estimate for your foundation and water related issues.

Nusite waterproofing has more than 30 years experience in waterproofing and foundation repair and provides homeowners with solutions for both interior and exterior problems. We will walk you through your basement, showing you the source of the leak and available options as far as repairs. Our fully-insured, family-owned business is experienced in waterproofing, basement lowering, foundation repairs, and sump-pump usage.

Free In-Home Inspection and Estimate

We will be more than happy to visit your home, inspect it, and provide you with a free, no-obligation estimate and advice when problems are found. All of our work is fully guaranteed in writing and is made to last the lifetime of your home. Flexible financing options are available and we’ll make sure that you fully understand the cause and solution of your wet basement as well as the entire repair process. Keeping your home dry and safe is very important these days and it’s our job to make sure you have nothing to worry about.

Nusite’s waterproofing solutions  will vary depending on the reason for the water leak. For instance, water may be seeping into your home via a crack in the foundation, wall, or floor or it could be coming in through the window wells. But no matter what’s causing it, we have an effective and established interior or exterior waterproofing method to prevent it.

Don’t Wait Until It Rains

It’s also important to remember that you don’t have to endure a flooded or wet basement before you get it waterproofed. You can take the preventative route by having your home properly waterproofed to guarantee that you never have to carry out the costly repairs after the fact. Once a basement becomes flooded it’s not long before mold and mildew follow. If your basement is already being used as a living or entertainment area you don’t want your furniture, electronic devices and irreplaceable items to be permanently damaged.Durham Waterproofing

In general, a flooded basement is the result of excess water pressure that has built up outside the dwelling. This can often occur in Durham Region due to heavy rainfalls and/or melting snow. It can result in major damage to your structure. However, if a leak is found early on it can usually be repaired from inside the basement. Once the leak becomes a major problem it may need to repaired from outside of the building via an exterior waterproofing method.

If you believe you have a leak and water is entering your basement please don’t hesitate to contact us at Nusite at your convenience. We can be reached at 416-622-7000 to schedule a inspection and estimate. If we detect a leak with our moisture and leak detection tools we will be able to repair it with one of several wet basement and waterproofing methods. The team at Nusite is specially trained in leak detection and repair and provides Durham Region residents with 24 hour emergency service when needed.

A leaky basement won’t just disappear over time, so it’s important that you have a professional contractor inspect the cause and then provide you with the proper solution, and that’s something we can guarantee at Nusite.

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Customer Testimonials

Interested in working with us? Check out some of our customer testimonials below and find more on Homestars. We are one of the highest rated basement waterproofing companies in Toronto

Mark Lipton - Homestars Review

Basement Waterproofing

Our basement leaked! Of course . . . we bought a 100 year old house! But my office needed to be in the basement permanently. I interviewed 10 different companies until we decided on the Steinbergs and their crew at Nu-Site! They are professional, reliable, courteous, honest, and they really make an effort to communicate with the client about every step of the process.

Sara Jack - Homestars Review

Foundation and Waterproofing Repairs

After several years of chronic leaks, we decided to have our basement waterproofed once and for all. The team over at Nusite was professional, answered my questions during the project and stayed within their quoted price....which is always a concern for me when working with contractors. Great job overall

Joshua Persaud - Yellowpages Review

Basement Waterproofing

Had several cracks in my basement wall and they would leak whenever we had a heavy rain. It started about a year and a half ago and seems to have gotten worse over the past 6 months. I tried having my neighbor seal it, but it started leaking again within a few weeks. Called several waterproofing companies and got several quotes. Finally went with Nusite contractors for the job. They gave a reasonable quote and I liked the guy that came by for the estimate. They stayed within budget and cleaned up before they left. It's been almost 3 months now and it seems to be working great.