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Basement Leaks During Thuderstorm Toronto

It’s the same story when a big storm comes through here in Toronto, thousands of leaking basements and alot of unhappy homeowners.

This can result in quite a mess and it can be quite costly and timely to clean up. In addition, you may also find some of your furniture or other items are beyond repair. And over time, a chronically leaking basement can also weaken the foundation of your home, which can cost even more money to fix.

The best way to keep a basement dry (or at least minimize the water leaks) is via preventative maintenance to try and make sure it never happens to begin with. Basically, there are steps you can take to keep your basement dry during storms and they’re a lot less expensive than trying to repair the any flood-caused damage. These are a few ways to help keep your basement from flooding during a storm.

Clean the gutters
One of the easiest ways to fight off a soaking wet basement is to regularly clean out your downspouts and gutters. They tend to get clogged up with dirt, leaves and other debris and this could result in a wet or flooded basement. It’s recommended that the gutters and downspouts are cleaned at least once a year and you also look for leaks in the downspouts. If a leak is discovered, it should be repaired or the downspout should be replaced.  Believe it or not, rainwater coming off of the roof can be a source of your basement water problems since rainwater is not being diverted properly away from your home’s foundation.

Check for foundation leaks
Foundation cracks are also a common cause of flooded basements during storms. It’s a good idea to inspect the basement for any cracks and make sure they’re repaired. In most cases, the cracks will be narrower at the bottom and wider at the top. If you’re unsure how to look for cracks in the foundation don’t hesitate to ask a professional contracting company such as Nusite Waterproofing for assistance. The method of repair will depend on the specific type and severity of crack found. Some cracks can be fixed quickly and inexpensively with caulking and more serious ones will require an alternative method.

Check basement windows
If your basement has windows, it’s important to check them for rotting wooden frames and leaks. If the wood has rotted it may allow water to enter into the basement. If your windows are leaking and/or are rotted it’s a good idea to replace them with new ones. You may also want to consider vinyl or aluminum frames since they won’t rot the way wood does.  Window wells are a very common source of basement leaks.

Check the drainage system
A poor drainage system around your home can easily end up in a flooded basement during a heavy storm. A solution to this is to add a drainage system such as French drains around the structure. These drains are designed to take water away from the home. Some people may feel comfortable enough installing French drains themselves, while others would rather get professional help from experts such as Nusite waterproofing.

Blocked sewers
Some homeowners in the Toronto and the GTA have a problem with the connection between their house and the street’s main sewer pipe. In many cases, there will be a backup in the sewer which could result in a flooded basement in the event of a storm. If you’re responsible for keeping the pipe clear you may want to enlist the aid of a professional contractor to handle the job. However, if the city is responsible for the sewer pipe be sure to contact the department that’s responsible for it and ask to have it cleaned.  The city of Toronto also has a subsidy program for basement flooding.

Install a sump pump
If you’ve been plagued by a flooded basement on more than one occasion you should think about installing a sump pump to help keep t dry. Be sure to have backup power to the pump in case your electricity goes out during a storm and test the pump regularly.

The above tips may not guarantee a dry basement during a storm, but they certainly may help. If you have more severe foundation issues, you may need to have a waterproofing contractor come out and make an inspection.  Nusite Waterproofing serves Toronto and the GTA and offers free in-home estimates and inspections for water leaks and foundation issues.  Contact us here to schedule an appointment.

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