What Basement Waterproofing System is Best?

What Basement Waterproofing Is Best

There is one concern that all homeowners with basements have… a wet basement. Chances are if you are reading this article you either, have a wet basement and are looking for a solution or you are worried about having one in the future. No one wants to deal with leaking or flooding in their basement, so it is important to take steps to waterproof your basement before the need arises.


If you do a quick search online for waterproofing your basement there are three main solutions that you will find: crack injection, interior weeping tile and exterior waterproofing.


  1. Crack Injection – Using a product for crack injection is a common way to repair cracks in your home’s foundation and one of the least expensive. With all of the freezing and thawing that happens throughout the year it is common to end up with small cracks in your basement walls over time. Crack injection is one solution for repairing any of the small cracks that are allowing water to leak through. However, while this solution can keep water from entering your basement it is a temporary solution.


Crack injection does not address where the water is coming from so you will continue to have water trying to enter your basement and it will eventually find a new route. A long term solution will still be necessary. While this can help keep water out for a short time, it is not truly a long term waterproofing solution.


  1. Interior Weeping Tile (French drains) – A solution that is a step up from crack injection, is installing interior weeping tile. Just like crack injection, installing interior weeping tile is not a true waterproofing solution, but more of a way to manage the water that has entered your basement. This system is also known as an interior French drain, which is not named after the country, but the creator Henry Flagg French.


When installing an interior French drain in your basement you have to break up the concrete flooring around the perimeter of the basement. Once that has been completed crushed stone is put down and a drain is install that will pull the water to a sump pump. The sump pump then works to drain water away from the house. It is important that each step is completing correctly using the right materials or else you could end up with a clogged drain and a wet basement.


When installed correctly interior weeping tile can help to manager any water that enters your basement. This method is more effective than crack injection, but is still a water management method instead of actual waterproofing. This is a popular solution for wet basements because it is more affordable than exterior waterproofing.

Exterior Waterproofing


  1. Exterior Waterproofing – With all of the options out there, exterior waterproofing is the only way to truly waterproof your basement. The process is the most extensive of the methods that we have mentioned but also the most effective when installed properly. Exterior waterproofing stops water from entering your basement and helps to eliminate wet walls.


To install an exterior French drain you need to dig a trench around the entire perimeter of your home. This can mean removing shrubs, plants and patios if needed. A French drain system is installed to drain water downward and away from the foundation. While the dirt is removed from the foundation a waterproofing membrane is added to the exterior of the foundation. The combination of the waterproof membrane and the exterior weeping tile system keep water from working its way into your basement.


While the other methods work to properly manage the water when it reaches your foundation, exterior waterproofing also works to keep the water from getting to your foundation in the first place.


Choosing the best waterproofing method for your basement

When considering which method of waterproofing is the best for your basement it is important to weigh all of the factors. Make sure to consider not only the expense of the repairs and installation but also the way that the water is entering your home. It can be well worth investing a little more into your basement’s waterproofing now to avoid a problem in the future.


If you are interested in speaking with a professional on the best options for waterproofing your basement call Nusite Waterproofing today. With free estimates, written guarantees, flexible financing options and a 30 year A+ rating from the BBB, we have you covered for all your basement waterproofing needs.

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