Toronto Mould removal air purifier

Although not all air purifier are the same, most are capable of removing air-borne allergens including mould spores from your home. This is helpful if you have upper bronchial infections or allergies. At the same time, they are also a useful ally in the endless battle to stop mould forming in the first place.

However there is a limit to their efficiency because they can’t remove an existing fungal infestation. Hence your first step is always to call in a mould-removal cleaning firm to clear it out for you. After that, regular cleaning and an air purifier should reward you with a relatively mould-free home.

Toronto Mould removal air purifier

Even More Benefits

The air inside our homes is full of a variety of other pollutants. Some of these drift in from outside while others are a consequence of modern lifestyles. Air purifiers also help remove the grime that stains our air-conditioner filters. Chief among the culprits are animal fur, cigarette smoke, dust mite droppings, pollen spores and sundry bacteria.

Which Design is Best?

There are four main varieties of air purifiers in Canada, the main difference being the filters through which they force the air. These often appear in different combinations Replaceable high energy particulate air HEPA ones are often preferred because they use replacement filters that don’t generate potentially harmful by-products.

Carbon pre-filters help remove smells and volatile organic compounds. Filterless ionizers are energy-efficient but of little use against mould spores, while ozone generator air purifiers are only really effective at power levels that may be injurious to our health. For these reasons the most popular combinations are carbon filter-HEPA ones.

Air Purifier Buying Tips

  • Capacity – Clean air delivery rate (CADR) measures the volume of air processed per minute. A score below 100 is unsatisfactory whereas above 300 is excellent. Calculate the volume of air in the room before you start.


  • Energy Cost – Air purifiers run day and night off electricity. Although their draw is low compared to air conditioners and heating plants it does add up over time. You contribute indirectly to less power-generation pollution by buying energy efficiently.


  • Maintenance – If you buy a good quality air purifier it should reward you with a long, trouble-free life. However those with HEPA filters require owner-servicing every few months. Find out how long the filters last and how much replacements cost.


  • Noise Levels – Most domestic air purifiers emit an almost imperceptible hum which is a trade-off against their level of cleaning efficiency. Some can appear more pronounced when you’re trying to fall asleep at night. Ask the salesperson about decibel (dB) levels which should be in the instruction manuals.

While an air purifier cannot remove mould per se, it can be a great ally in the fight to contain it while removing irritating pollutants from the air we breathe. Like most other things in life you get the quality you pay for. Don’t buy cheap. Keep a weather eye out for special offers outside of pollen season for the best deals.

Have questions about mould and air quality in your home?  If you live in Toronto or the surrounding GTA, we can have a service specialist come out to your home for a free on-site inspection and estimate.  Contact us here.


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