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When it comes to waterproofing your basement there are two ways to go which are interior and exterior methods. Interior waterproofing works, particularly the weeping tile method but exterior waterproofing is still the best option available as water won’t be able to permeate the structure’s foundation walls and is the only solution that protects your foundation from water permeation.

Interior waterproofing is really more of a water or moisture control system. The interior system utilizes drainage as a way to control any water which makes its way into your basement and directs it away, usually via a sump pump. In reality, water is entering the building and is being pumped out.

However with exterior waterproofing, the outside is excavated to the bottom of the home’s foundation and a drainage system is installed to help stop water from entering it in the first place. Naturally, waterproofing is a sounder option when compared to water control and also naturally it will cost more to have done.

Interior water control systems are easier to install and don’t require as much time, labour, materials and equipment which keeps the costs lower. That being said, interior waterproofing may be the best solution for some homes. Here in Toronto, some homes may not allow proper access to dig out the exterior of the foundation so an interior waterproofing solution is required.   The only way to find out is to have your home inspected by a professional waterproofing company to discover the root of your problem.


Exterior Waterproofing

This is basically your home’s first defense against invading water. Even things such as downspouts and gutters can be considered part of the exterior method since they collect water and help lead it away from your house. You can have a waterproof and sealing membrane installed around your home’s foundation to keep moisture at bay and you can also install an exterior drainage system such as a French drain or weeping tiles. To install a drainage system it means the home must be excavated to a certain level.

Drain tiles are then installed into a trench which has been dug around the structure. It’s surrounded with gravel and covered by soil. The tiles are designed to transport water away from the home’s foundation which means it’s chances of getting into the basement are almost non-existent. This method costs more than interior waterproofing since it requires more materials, time and labour. It keeps the foundation dry though and keeps it from weakening and becoming damaged or cracked.

Exterior waterproofing Toronto

Exterior Waterproofing Toronto

Interior Waterproofing

This method takes away water from the basement and the home. An interior drainage system such as weeping tile can be used with drains and pipes and pump it out from a pit or basin in the basement. A sump pump can be made to automatically start when the water in the basin or pit reaches a specific level. It’s a good idea to have a back-up battery with the sump pump in case of a power failure.

Another interior waterproofing system consists of vapour barriers made of foil or plastic sheets. These are installed along the basement walls to help keep moisture out. Interior methods try to seal leaks and cracks to keep your basement dry. It can be an ideal temporary solution and is often the best choice when it’s not possible to excavate. However, exterior waterproofing is certainly a more effective answer since it’s a permanent solution.

Interior waterproofing Toronto

Interior basement waterproofing Toronto

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