Mold mites and dust Mites and other allergens in the home

There are anywhere from 100 thousand to 10 million dust mites living in the average family bed.  Wait, what?  Yes, they are all over the place, they’re just so tiny, you can’t see them.  I bet you’ll start washing your bed sheets more often from this day on. 

Dust mites are just one of the tiny friends living inside the average home.  While most are harmless (in small amounts at least), others, like mold, can possibly lead to respiratory problems if exposed for an extended period of time or if you have pre-existing respiratory conditions.

Before you go and take a shower, and start scrubbing your house clean, check out the infographic below.  It’s provided courtesy of AllergyBGone, and has some great statistics and tips about the allergens living inside your home.

Mold mites and dust Mites and other allergens in the home


Courtesy of ClutterBGone


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