Flooding in Toronto guide

Flooding in Toronto guideThe North East of the Americas have experienced a record number of storms this season, resulting in billions on property damage and loss of personal memories that can;t be replaced.  Here in Toronto, while we experienced quite a bit of flooding, we were luckily spared from most of the damage.  We wanted to introduce everyone to a really useful guide available to residents from The Institute of Catastrophic Loss Reduction

This helpful guide, sponsored by the Canadian insurance industry and produced in collaboration with the University of Ontario, is available for free via a pdf download (see the link at the end of the article). It’s packed brim full with everything you need to know about reducing the risk of basement flooding, and recovering from it when it happens.

It’s laid out like a reference book with handy summaries in the index, content that’s easy to understand, helpful diagrams, and even a glossary of terms you might not know. It puts you in a picture to either do the work yourself, or to negotiate with a tradesperson from a position of knowledge.

Format of the Book

The Handbook for Reducing Basement Flooding is built around twenty projects, twelve of which are within the reach of most Canadian householders. The author calls these “options” because not all of them apply to every home. The book starts with a general introduction to the three main reasons why basements flood, and the principles behind avoiding this.

The twelve basic options are all intensely practical. They range from preventative measures (like fixing cracks and watching what goes down the sink), to sensible things like having a risk-assessment done, getting insurance in place and chatting with the local municipality.

The other eight options are more technical in nature, and will likely require expert intervention. Nonetheless, the knowledge gained by reading them will go a long way towards spotting cowboy contractors and avoiding scams.

There are five drawings in the Handbook for Reducing Basement Flooding that illustrate the primary causes and solutions, and how the twenty options fit into the bigger picture. It’s a good idea to print these out and have them available as you read the other content. You’ll be sure to want to pass this essential information on to others.


You can download the Handbook for Reducing Basement Flooding Here

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