Tips on cleaning mold from Toronto home

Tips on cleaning mold from Toronto homeMold can be unpleasant when it invades our homes.  In a city like Toronto, where the homes are aging and the weather isn’t always pleasant, mold can easily take hold if left unchecked. Mold looks unsightly and can leave a terrible smell in the house. Left too long it damages soft furnishings irreparably. However before you dash off and have another go at it, it’s worthwhile considering these ten tips before you decide to tackle any mold problems.

Safety Comes First – Setting aside the risks of standing on ladders cleaning ceilings, the spores you release at the same time can be harmful to the very young, the very old, and anybody with upper-respiratory tract concerns.  Mold spores are the most dangerous when disturbed, usually when trying to clean up the area so wear proper protection.

Seek Advice – There are different kinds of mold. This includes the black mold you’ll find taking hold in your bathroom if you look, and the lighter-colored ones that thrive in clothes cupboards. Research can save you loads of time and trouble. Read articles like this one and do your homework before jumping in.  If it looks like it’s spreading to areas you can’t reach, or just looks like alot, consider calling in a mold removal company.

Be smart – When you touch mold  it releases thousands of tiny seeds called mold spores. Once in the air, they settle on almost anything, and that includes you and your clothes. Wear protective clothing that you can disinfect thoroughly afterwards. Professional mold removal companies will seal an area off before starting work as to not spread the spores throughout the house.

Test First – Among other things, mold looks dirty, and sometimes it’s confused with other signs of neglect. Test first by diluting bleach in water to a ratio of 1:16 and dabbing it on with a cotton bud. Mold lightens quickly, dirt does not. Deal with the problem accordingly.  Think twice before purchasing a mold inspection kit, they don’t work very well.

Look for Reasons – It’s pointless to remove mold without first dealing with the root causes, or else it becomes a permanent resident. Inspect your home for leaking plumbing, failing roof flashing and bad air-conditioning joints first.  If you fail to remove the leak in your basement, the mold will just return.

Kill It Dead – Don’t waste time with old wives’ tales and urban myths. There’s only one true way to evict mold  and that’s to wipe it out on the spot with anti-microbial spray that’s easy to disperse.

Manage Condensation – Central heating and double glazing produces tropical conditions that mold just thrives on. Ventilate your house each morning to disperse humidity. The air will soon warm up again!

Clean Regularly – It takes a while for mold spores to take root, and this provides a window of opportunity to prevent this happening. Wipe areas where you see moisture gathering regularly – prevent mold from taking over.

Lifestyle Changes – Could settles in our homes because we share a similar life-style. Try turning down the thermostat a few degrees, and opening the bathroom window after you shower. Little things like this can save a huge amount of trouble later.

Establish Norms – Create a regular inspection schedule to check susceptible areas in your home for mold.  Consider making it a part of your Fall and Spring home inspections.

When you follow these handy ten tips you’ll know how to get rid of mold  and how to prevent it coming back. That’s not to say it won’t keep on trying. This means the battle to keep mold from our homes is never over.  The only way to rid mold from your home permanently is to remove the source of moisture first.



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