using wd40 around the house

using wd40 around the houseIf there is one product every basement and garage in North America has on hand, it’s most likely WD-40.  The “Blue Standby” has become as essential as duct tape in helping the resident handyman fix everything from a rusted bolt that refuses to turn, to our children’s bicycles after a long Toronto Winter.

WD-40 is a water dis-placer (WD) that helps to remove moisture (and keep rust away) from hundreds of household items.  Over the years, the uses for WD-40 have gone beyond home repairs.  Crayola Crayons recommends using WD-40 regular crayon marks from everyday surfaces and a bus driver once used a can to loosen a Python that coiled itself around the undercarriage of his bus.

Below is a great infographic from the makers of WD-40.  It’s a survival guide of everyday problem solving with your handy can of old blue.

Using wd-40 for everyday use

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